Don’t Envy Them


“…forget my small stature oh. I’m not a young boy. I’m just tired I swear. If I’m not driving my own car by my next birthday in February, I’m not even joking Jaybee; I’m starting yahoo plus. Is it not to have my bath naked and display 30 mins madness?”

I shook my head in pity and utter dismay.

“If that’s what will make you happy, then let me ask you – Do you really want to be happy or you don’t just want to feel left behind just like you’re feeling now”

Bode’s gaze hit the floor as he began scratching his head.

You see, a lot of us are in serious danger. The danger of the pace at which this generation is moving. Thanks to digital media, your junior in secondary school who just bought a car is what Instagram puts in your face the very first time you open the app in the day.

“New Whip… Small Girl; Big God”

Then you begin to whip your self-esteem with the “achievements” of others. You suddenly realize you’re under immense pressure to also make things happen. Like Bode, you don’t care about the process anymore. You just don’t want to feel intimidated seeing that old friend flaunting pictures of his trips to Dubai, London, Russia, etc; while you’re stuck in Akure.

In a time when even the wife doesn’t know if the husband is a kidnapper and the parents don’t know how many red handkerchiefs are hanging on their son’s laptop whenever he goes online.

In a society where nobody seems to care about the workings and only the answer is celebrated; the onus is on you to use your intelligence to select your pressure. Don’t stop grinding. You don’t know how many hours that image was photoshopped for. Filter through the filters; mind your business and don’t envy anybody.

Keep being productive.


© Jaybee 2018

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