Computer Village Chronicles


I alighted from the bus at Ikeja under-bridge and let out a deep sigh of anxiety. I dreaded coming to this strange part of town. It wasn’t anything personal, except for the fact that I’ve heard so many tales (no, not by moonlight) about this bizarre part of town. It was like an assembly ground of eagles, snakes, sharks and vultures. No, you need to read that animal combination again a little bit more slowly. It was a ground that unceremoniously preyed on its victims.

You can’t afford to look like a JJC, else your trip will definitely end up in SSC (Shouting, Swearing and Crying). This ground cuts you no quarters and you better go in, do whatever you’ve got to, and head straight out. You could easily get absorbed by the nice-looking guacamole, only to take a bite and taste gravel. I had come to sell off my Blackberry Z10 then add money to get myself an iPhone 6S. Finally, I was joining the Apple gang.

I smiled.

I can’t even wait to dispose this blackberry. It has always made me look archaic – like I was far behind (in Charles Okocha’s voice). Everyone was either using Android phones or iPhones. What was I still doing with a Blackberry? Mtchew! Well, I’ve never bought a phone before. I’ve always been “dashed” all the phones I’ve used. So, it’s not really my fault; I only use what I get. Started from Sendo X, now we here. If you say I’m about to now become a man, you might not be exaggerating.

I touched my pockets to make sure my wallet and phone was intact. They were. Don’t blame me I’ve heard stories. Disturbing ones in fact. Oh! I can’t forget Andrew’s saga. He had come to Computer Village to sell his Samsung S5 and he was listening to music on the same phone. One track ended and he kept waiting for the next song to come on. Well, that turned out to be the last time he’ll be hearing from the phone, literally ‘cos boys had “obtained” it.

They left him the earpiece though.

John’s case was a bit more intense. He bought an iPhone 4 from the street, and he was on his way when two angry looking guys blocked him, asking him to allow them carry out a search on him as they were undercover cops. They said they saw him discussing with a criminal who the public had been warned never to carry out any transaction with. Long story short, they seized his new phone, entered the police station, told him to go call the seller and that was it.

“Mpphh! Bros! You wan buy, you wan sell abi you wan swap?” The street dealer who had formed his lips like he wanted to kiss me, asked. He was holding three nice looking iPhones.

My instincts told me to keep walking. I refused.

“I wan swap”

Immediately his face broke into a mischievous smile.

“Oya make we go relate”.

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