Yes I said it… I am not “a” writer.
I’m not leaving you in a state of confusion; am I? Okay, stay with me to the end of this article and I’ll explain what I mean.
I remember what happened sometime ago, after finally getting through to a fellow ghost-writer. While we were doing the introductions, this lady also had me in a state of confusion (just like I have you. Lol!), and what was supposed to be a quick intro turned into a session. Be intentional about your conversations. They can reorient your views.
“You’re also a ghost-writer; right?” I asked this lady.
“Nope!… I am the certified ghost-writer” She replied.
Your guess is as good as mine. The response shifted my eyebrows. Natural reaction was about making me feel somehow about her response, but I didn’t let my emotions get the better of me. After our conversation, I came to the conclusion that I was going to make every necessary effort to get my status from “A” to “The” in whatever I do.
Try introducing what you do with an “A”, then repeat the process and replace it with “The”.
“A” somehow sets a limit to what it is the other party needs to know about you, while “The” opens up space for a further inquisition into your persona and what you stand for. “He’s a man” is a statement that is most likely to get an “Ok”. But “He’s the man” is most likely to get a question “He’s the man that (did) what?” Notice the difference?
A couple of days ago, I was conversing with my kid bro who’s currently serving his country in the north. He was telling me how some random peeps were asking him if he was related to Elijah “The Writer guy” because of his surname. I smiled ‘cos it made me remember how I was asking someone if she was related to Chinua Achebe because of her surname.
Be good and be good at it.
Meaning, be good at what you do, and let the world create a mental attachment of that thing to you. Zaha Hadid was not “an” Architect; she was “the” Architect. Wait! Do you know that I’m also an architect? (Not yet “the” architect. I’m coming. Lol!). Floyd Mayweather is not “a” boxer; he is “the” boxer. Lionel Messi is not “a” footballer; he is “the” footballer. Jack Ma is not “an” entrepreneur; he is “the” entrepreneur.
You are not “a” (insert what you do). You are “the” (insert what you do), who takes the best approach, produces the best possible result, and gives your client the utmost feeling of satisfaction. Did you notice the difference in the length of the two sentences? Now, understand that it takes intentional investments to go from “A” to “The” but if anyone tells you it’s not achievable, you have my permission to get them arrested.
“If a man is called to be a street sweeper,
he should sweep the streets even as
Michael Angelo painted, or Beethoven
composed music, or Shakespeare wrote
poetry. He should sweep the streets so
well that all the hosts of heaven and
earth will pause to say, here lived a
great street sweeper who did his job well.”
                                                       – Martin Luther King Jr.
So my friend, I am not “a” writer; you see? I am “the” certified ghost writer who sometimes, when searching for things on Google, stumbles on search results of articles he wrote himself. I am “the” writer behind some books you’ve read and applauded the authors. I am arguably “the” most spontaneous writer you know.
Be good and be good at it.


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