Yes I said it… I am not “a” writer.
I’m not leaving you in a state of confusion; am I? Okay, stay with me to the end of this article and I’ll explain what I mean.
I remember what happened sometime ago, after finally getting through to a fellow ghost-writer. While we were doing the introductions, this lady also had me in a state of confusion (just like I have you. Lol!), and what was supposed to be a quick intro turned into a session. Be intentional about your conversations. They can reorient your views.
“You’re also a ghost-writer; right?” I asked this lady.
“Nope!… I am the certified ghost-writer” She replied.
Your guess is as good as mine. The response shifted my eyebrows. Natural reaction was about making me feel somehow about her response, but I didn’t let my emotions get the better of me. After our conversation, I came to the conclusion that I was going to make every necessary effort to get my status from “A” to “The” in whatever I do.
Try introducing what you do with an “A”, then repeat the process and replace it with “The”.
“A” somehow sets a limit to what it is the other party needs to know about you, while “The” opens up space for a further inquisition into your persona and what you stand for. “He’s a man” is a statement that is most likely to get an “Ok”. But “He’s the man” is most likely to get a question “He’s the man that (did) what?” Notice the difference?
A couple of days ago, I was conversing with my kid bro who’s currently serving his country in the north. He was telling me how some random peeps were asking him if he was related to Elijah “The Writer guy” because of his surname. I smiled ‘cos it made me remember how I was asking someone if she was related to Chinua Achebe because of her surname.
Be good and be good at it.
Meaning, be good at what you do, and let the world create a mental attachment of that thing to you. Zaha Hadid was not “an” Architect; she was “the” Architect. Wait! Do you know that I’m also an architect? (Not yet “the” architect. I’m coming. Lol!). Floyd Mayweather is not “a” boxer; he is “the” boxer. Lionel Messi is not “a” footballer; he is “the” footballer. Jack Ma is not “an” entrepreneur; he is “the” entrepreneur.
You are not “a” (insert what you do). You are “the” (insert what you do), who takes the best approach, produces the best possible result, and gives your client the utmost feeling of satisfaction. Did you notice the difference in the length of the two sentences? Now, understand that it takes intentional investments to go from “A” to “The” but if anyone tells you it’s not achievable, you have my permission to get them arrested.
“If a man is called to be a street sweeper,
he should sweep the streets even as
Michael Angelo painted, or Beethoven
composed music, or Shakespeare wrote
poetry. He should sweep the streets so
well that all the hosts of heaven and
earth will pause to say, here lived a
great street sweeper who did his job well.”
                                                       – Martin Luther King Jr.
So my friend, I am not “a” writer; you see? I am “the” certified ghost writer who sometimes, when searching for things on Google, stumbles on search results of articles he wrote himself. I am “the” writer behind some books you’ve read and applauded the authors. I am arguably “the” most spontaneous writer you know.
Be good and be good at it.


Mature Minds Talk.


The things I’ve been reading on the news recently makes me so sad for Africa. When did it come to this? How long has this rot been spreading under our skin? When did we lose every sense of honour, prestige and respect for one another as fellow Africans? How did we come this low? How can I wrap my brain around all I’ve seen recently?
I thought you were my brother. I thought you were supposed to have my back. My country’s leaders have failed me; the system has failed me; everything has left me broken and all I have is a tiny flicker of hope… Well, rather the promise of a better life across the shores. It’s not going to be easy but if only you can make it to the land of dreams; they said.
You were supposed to have my back brother; I never knew it was too much to ask to create a passage for me to pass. I never knew the real danger on the road to the “promise land” was amongst my own brothers;  the same sons of Mama Africa. All I wanted was to make it past the shores. I would’ve braced myself more for this if I was taken back to when it was a war of race and colour.
So flipping what? So flipping what if I land on your soil illegally?! So flipping what if I rest for a while before returning to my search for hope?!
This is your soil right? Well, point of correction – This is our soil, our land, our continent. This is AFRICA! People in the western world sometimes refer to Africa a country damn it! Our forefathers, our heroes, didn’t dies for this sh!t. They shed sweat and blood to put an end to anything called “Slavery”. They gave up their life, their future, their joy to ensure we live free. Yet this is how you repay them?!
My brother, you look at me very well and you trade me for a couple of notes? You auction me like I’m some piece of drawing, a property, or a commodity? You belittle me just because I’m passing through your yard on my search for the better life I was promised. You trample on my self-esteem, and display to the world how backwards we are, as a continent.
Oh Mama Africa!
You starve me, jail me, scourge me, and even kill me?! Just to sell me into slavery?… Just so you know – What’s most confusing to me about this whole thing is that this retarded act of extreme bestiality is perpetuated by my own fellow African. This amount of pain is being inflicted on me by my own kinsmen. My God! The pain, the disappointment, the grief, the agony.
This sh!t’s gotta stop! This is 2017 Damn it! The world has moved past this. Why do we have to dig up buried graves? To what end? If we know how long and how much it cost to break free decades ago, then why would I be stuck in Libya and the course of my life be altered forever by my fellow African. Aren’t we in this sh!t together?  
Stop slave trade in Libya!

God bless Africa!


I can feel it in my mouth. I accidentally bit my tongue this morning again, and that’s a sign. Err… Well, I know I may have slightly been over-fantasizing about acquiring a property in “The Glory Island” but I know I have to be patient. You know what the Nigerian “Glory Island” is, right? You don’t? Of course you do – Banana Island.
This is the dream of every Nigerian Real Estate Investor – Stamping a mark on Banana Island, Lagos.
Class is in session. Sit down, and take an informed look with me into the Glory Island. Well, Banana Island was the brain child of the late Chief Adebayo Adeleke. A London trained Civil Engineer and CEO of City Property Development Ltd.
Banana Island is an area of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, 8.6 kilometres east of Tafawa Balewa Square. Part of the Lagos State Local Government Area of Eti-Osa in Central Lagos. It’s a man-made island and the name originated from its shape – it’s curved like a Banana.  It is known for its wealthy, multi-cultural community and some of the most expensive Real Estate allocations in Nigeria, and even West Africa. In Banana Island, a three bedroom apartment typically sells for at least $555,000(₦200Million) and $2.81Million(₦1.09Billion) for a 5 bedroom fully serviced house. Rental properties are very popular in this location and rent for a 3 bedroom apartment is typically around $63,000(₦22Million) per annum.
‘The Glory Island’ hosts several high end residential developments such as the Ocean parade towers (a series of 14 luxury tower blocks strategically placed at one end of the island, where the 180 degree panoramic view of the island can be taken advantage of). Some of Nigeria’s International corporate bodies such as Airtel Nigeria, Ford Foundation Nigeria, 9Mobile Nigeria and many others are also not left out of booking their space. Banana Island according to Forbes, is the most expensive neighbourhood in Nigeria and little was that said, before buyers started scrambling for properties put out for sale at the time.
Implication is, you don’t wake up in the morning to the usual sights you might be used to. How would you, when you have neighbours like Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga (Billionare CEO Globacom Telecommunications Ltd), Kola Abiola (Publisher and Businessman son of the popular MKO Abiola, Saayu Dantata (Son of the Alhassan Dantata – the wealthiest man in West Africa in the ‘50s).
Real Estate Investors continue to act and react to whatever news radiate from The Glory Island, and would hope the rumoured property price decline would actualize to allow the usual “down and hit” strategy, which is very common in the Real Estate business. It would be a jackpot play if there ever was any significant fall in the price of properties as that would definitely be the news of a lifetime to the many Banana Island’s lurking prospective investors.
Meanwhile, little or nothing needs to be said about the lifestyle of habitants of The Glory Island. What do you expect, living next to or in-between two billionaires?
While Chief Adeleke’s aim of “making Nigeria proud” has not been totally met (Judging from his initial plan), we can justifiably say that ‘The Glory Island’ hasn’t fallen overly far short off the path as it’s on a daily basis tending more and more towards becoming a global spectacle for both local and foreign Real Estate Investors. Even…

I just bit my tongue again.

Mature Minds Talk.


I remember reading an insightful Facebook post by a blogger who talked about intentionally choosing the pressure you respond to, and the pressure you ignore; and I couldn’t agree more. If as a pre-millennial, you think everything is in the same motion as it was back then, please wake up and smell the coffee.
Welcome to the 21st century world we live in, where the most common slogan is “The End Justifies The Means” the world has never moved this fast, and no one wants to be left behind. Hence, it’s a frantic mad pursuit of the good life. Success has been stripped of its definition and almost everyone is dancing to a new tune – “By any means necessary”.
We now live in a society that celebrates the product and ignores the process. “Who process epp?” The current normalcy of previous anomalies has got some saying it’s just an indication of the end times. You know, everything is all up in your face these days. Day in day out, you’re slapped with bogus success show reel characterized by flashy cars, clothes, followers, money, popularity, and so on.
Does the end really justify the means?
We live in a world where people’s self-esteems are affected by the number of followers they have, the number of likes and comments on their social media posts, who’s had the most body counts, who wears the most expensive wig, who lives the most lavish lifestyle, and so on. We live in a world where rather than getting their hands dirty; the youth would rather go through the “whatever it takes” route. Get money, live fast and die young.
Those who are living right are beginning to feel left behind by the “Slay Queens” on Instagram and Snap chat. Sixteen year old girls are asking one another how many sugar daddies they have. You’re a dulling dude if you decide to work hard and smart, rather than sit behind your laptop with a red calabash on your head, punch a few keys, and go smiling to the bank.
A lot have forgotten that it’s a rabbit hole life – You can never know how far it goes. In the classroom of life, we only want to see your answer. Don’t worry about the workings. “Only God can judge me” is the new slang of consolation, whenever what’s left of the conscience wants to ask questions. It’s a world of statuses, filters, and a hasty attempt to catch up with those who are actually trying to catch up with you.
Does the end really justify the means?
For those who, in the face of the disturbing metamorphosis and the continuous perforation of values and morality, still have words like “hard/smart work”, “leadership”, “spirituality”, productivity”, “emotional intelligence”, “personal development”, “moral etiquettes”, “financial intelligence”, “resource investments”, and so on in their dictionaries, trust me, you are the real MVP’s.
For those who disagree with those three American artistes’ definition of success in that 2009 song titled “Successful”, and understand that the process is more important than the product; For those like me, who have seen “Fly Guys” go from millions in the account to “can I see money for bike?”, Let’s take it upon ourselves to spread the word.
The real reward for what you do is not the result, but who you become through the process.

That, my friend, is Success.

Mature Minds Talk


Those who have gone house hunting in Nigeria would understand this scenario – Have you ever gone house hunting, and you see things like “No Pets”, “No Bachelor/Spinster”, “No Huasa/No Igbo/No Yoruba”? Does seeing “No certain ethnicity” make you feel somehow? Cos you’re damn right if you guess it makes me feel somehow.
You know, I’m sometimes like “What the heck is this?!” I can’t even get total freedom to make certain choices in my own country again?
Now, I’ve heard cases of university admissions being given first to undeserving natives of a region, before merited candidates from other regions are considered. I’ve heard where the owner of a company decides to employ a less qualified applicant from the same ethnic group, and drop a more qualified candidate from a different ethnicity.
I’ve had the opportunity to listen to one or two well-educated older citizens, who strongly believe that we were not supposed to be a country. I’ve heard them discuss how we would be better off if we took the bold step as a country and just went our separate ways. To this set of experienced intelligentsia, Nigeria is simply too diverse to be unified.
According to them, a country that is home to two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups, joined together by “Oga Lugard” who was probably hyped by the uncanny intelligence of his babe – Flora Shaw, just can’t work. You know, she probably just downed a cup of coffee, looked over the whole region, and Boom! Eureka! – “The area shall be called Nigeria!” she exclaimed.
But have we taken a look at other countries all around the world and realize that there are almost no country without diversity in ethnicities? Have we taken a thorough look at other countries and seen that we are not the country with the highest number of diverse ethnic groups who refer to one region as Home? Do we know that breaking another country out of this present one wouldn’t solve any problem?
See, I believe the problem we have isn’t the fact that we were forced into coming together as one nation (probably against our will). I believe the problem we have is simply the refusal to rise above our ethnic differences and work together as one unit; one country. The refusal to see that house hunter, that job seeker, that neighbour as first of all, a fellow human, then a fellow Nigerian.
To all those vehemently preaching division, fighting tooth and nail to break out, here is my simple logic why it’s a silly idea.
If for instance we split into our ethnic groups and we went our separate ways, soon the “Them Mentality” which we have now would set in again. Then the Yoruba stops seeing a fellow Yoruba and starts segregating “Ijesha” from “Ekiti”, “Egun” from “Ijebu”. The Igbo starts segregating the “Ohuhu” from “Nsukka”, “Middle Belt” from “Mbaise”. The Hausa start segregating the “Arewa” from “Zazzangaci”, “Daura” from “Bausanchi”… and so on. Trust me, that’s what would happen.
So next time, when you want to support those crying for a split or those who see their tribes as “We” and others as “Them” understand that the problem is simply with our mentality as a country, and it’s time we stop that sh!t and see ourselves for who we truly are – fellow humans, and fellow patriotic Nigerians.

Pause and think.

Mature Minds Talk.


It was my first time in this restaurant and it was really looking as nice as you’d expect a restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos to look. The attendants were nice and polite, the whole space was well decorated and arranged, and the music… Oh the music was making me thank God I forgot my earpiece at home. Whoever was behind their music selection definitely knows about “music and public spaces”.
I would later find out that there was more to the music this lovely Saturday morning, than “music and public spaces” knowledge. Lol!
I actually didn’t know I was on set for a drama that was about to unfold. You want to know what it was; right? I know you like gist. So, just across the restaurant were a guy and a lady, doing justice to their dessert. My meal was served and almost at the same time, theirs’ was too.
James Blunt’s Blue on Blue track came on, and the guy “accidentally” dropped something. They both made for the foot of the table to pick it up, and just in that moment, as they bent to pick it, the guy went down on one knee… You know, he bent the knee… You still don’t get it? He proposed! The World Spinsters Association was about to lose a member.
In my mind, I was like “Aww! So sweet!” oh and yea, the dropped item was a signal. Once my guy bent the knee, their friends rushed in, surrounded the couple and started doing their thing. You know, the cheerleaders, the clappers, the recorders, snapchatters, and one particular lady who started shouting “Say Yes!”
I’m not even making this up, the lady being proposed to, was shocked quite alright, but in that moment, you could see a little bit of reluctance written on her face, as she looked down at the guy, and looked around, still surprised at how one second, it was just the both of them and the next second, they were the center of attraction.
For a moment, I had my heart in my mouth, as it looked like something was about to go wrong. The lady just stood there, with a mixture of surprise and reluctance, but as soon as the “Team Say Yes!” captain started chanting “Say Yes!” “Say Yes!!” every other friend, and even some onlookers began chanting along.
A quick warning – During my proposal, if you’re my friend and you dare chant “Say Yes!”, I promise to get up and shove the ring down your throat. What’s the meaning of that? Why won’t you allow my lady make a clear headed decision? Are you normal? Is it your proposal? See, don’t try it with me o. We all won’t find it funny.
If you’re also in the habit of chanting “Say Yes!” “Say Yes!!” when people are proposing, that’s how they’ll chant you or your spouse into saying “Yes!” too, even if “No!” would’ve saved your marriage. Stop that nonsense. You hear me? Is it your “Yes?” Record, clap, just do your thing, but most importantly, allow the lady make a sound, well thought out decision.
That moment is very very crucial. So before you join the “Team Say Yes!”, ask yourself if you’ll like people shouting “Say Yes!” at your proposal.
Better a “No”, than a “Save face”.

So, did the lady say “Yes” or “No”?… Wait, I’m coming. Let me finish my food.

Mature Minds Talk


I remember back in 2014, during the annual Black Friday shopping ceremony (yes, it’s a ceremonious event like Sallah and Christmas… Hold on, I’ll come back to that), one of the top online shopping malls publicized their returns and the figure they announced was edging close to hundreds of millions of dollars. I remember getting just one item – a watch.
One particular scenario I’d like to forget though, was the crash of a long friendship. Friend A, a shopaholic had “access” to Friend B’s bank card. Friend A had tried convincing Friend B of the gains and thrills of Black Friday, but she had made it clear that all she wanted was a handbag.
She got the handbag alright, but the Black Friday thrill seeker friend ensure she got more than just a handbag. She ran purchases of over N50k, after a discounted handbag purchase of N7k from Alibaba e-commerce store. It was a nasty scenario; one which would only leave you wondering why some people are just discount zombies.
“Black Friday” or “Shopping holiday” if you like, started in the United States as a post-Thanksgiving ceremony. The shopping holiday sees retail stores offer a significant discount to customers and it has for really long time, been the busiest day retail day of the year. Some customers camp outside their favourite stores, just to be among the first to be attended to.
Now, if you like conspiracy theories, stay with me. If you run a retail store, how would you orchestrate your store’s black Friday sales? Would you run at a loss every November because of Black Friday or would be clever about the whole process? If you think retail stores both online and offline make no profit, or run at a loss because of Black, Yellow or White Friday, then think again.
Market research shows November as the happiest month of retailers, and their profits peak highest on the same month than any other month. Now, shouldn’t all the discounts they’ve offered drop their profit margin? Think about “Trade Secrets”. Trade secrets are an important, but invisible component of a company’s intellectual property (IP).
A company’s trade secret’s contribution to its value, measured as its market capitalization, can be major. Call me paranoid, but I know that a lot of strategic pricing technicalities are involved in Black Friday sales, and even in coming months after the consumed Black Friday. Believe me, “Somebody’s gotta pay!”
A quick Black Friday conspiracy theory.
Pay attention now; will you? I sell handmade shoes and I make 13% profit on each sale. Black Friday comes and I reduce my profit percentage to 6.5%, leaving you my customer jumping for joy. And for some items, I make a meagre 1.5 to 2% profit but they’re flash sale items. The amount of customers who rush the items, mean I make more profit than I would on a normal day. Even though in coming months, I’ll be putting an almost unnoticeable hike in item prices.
I don’t only make my profit, I make more. The only difference? Returns are spread over a longer period of time – We’re talking months here.
So don’t call me a non-believer in discounts when I say Black Friday is simply customer bait. In the words of a mentor, “Keep your credit/debit cards out of sight. Don’t disrespect your budget because of seductive deals. Be steadfast. The scam will soon be over”.
Happy Black Friday.
Mature Minds Talk


Lagos! – The land of opportunities. One of the skills needed to survive in “Lasgidi” is the opportunity recognition skill. A few weeks ago, the conductor had joined “Lady-in-red” and I, in holy… sorry, monetary matrimony. I had told her I was running late for work, and she had to leave the whole N1k for me. I remember she gave me one look like “Is this one normal?

I told her I was just kidding and asked where she was headed.
“Lekki” she replied with her sweet “beggy beggy” voice. I don’t want to start sharing my contact extraction skills (it’s called competitive advantage) but I collected her number. She wouldn’t tell me her name though, so of course you already know what I saved it with. We had chatted on WhatsApp, about four five times and had agreed to meet today at Ikeja City Mall.
The D-Day *inserts soundtrack*
It was a lovely Saturday morning. Two birds were chirping on my window, like they were gossiping about me. I had woken up early, freshened up, but I had to wait until the end of the environmental cleaning exercise before heading out. Stupid something. With all the environmental, is Lagos now as clean as London? Mtchew!
I used my roll-on, sprayed my perfume, and wore my Adidas sneakers. My “hypoed” white t-shirt and deep blue jean were also not looking bad.
“Mans not hot!” I said, as I flipped my shades on and removed myself from the front of the mirror. Just as I stepped out of my apartment, my phone rang.
“Hello there” I said with a wide grin on my face.
“Hi dear. How are you?”
“I’m fine o. And you?” I continued walking towards the bus park.
“I’m ok. So I just wanted to tell you that I’m at Magodo with a friend. When you’re at ICM, call me. I’ll start coming over.”
“Oh okay then. I want to make a quick stop at Computer Village, and I’ll be heading to ICM from there. Okay?”
“Alright. No problem.”
“So you still won’t tell me your name?”
“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you when we see.”
I and the shirtless bus conductor, who was yelling “Ikeja! Under bridge Ikeja!” almost accidentally did a chest bump but I quickly avoided him. Suddenly, another bus conductor grabbed my hand, and pulled me frantically towards his bus. The one I just avoided caught up, and pulled me by my other hand back to his bus.
“Are you mad?!” I shouted as I jerked my hand off the hijacker’s, and climbed into the shirtless conductor’s bus. I was the last passenger, and in forty minutes, I was at computer village. I held my properties close as I entered Computer Village. You can’t be careless here. Earlier this year, boys moved my friend’s phone while his earpiece was plugged in. One music track ended and bros was waiting for the next track.
Reports have it that he’s still waiting
Paul, who was excited to see me, was just hailing me, left right and center. I told him I had a meeting to attend, and quickly dropped my Blackberry Z10. I added N70k and picked the iPhone 6S we’d already discussed over the phone. “Perfect timing for my date” I smiled as the thought flashed across my mind. Paul helped set my new phone up, and transferred my SIM and memory card.
“Bros, your money con remain five thous…”
I didn’t wait for the rest of Paul’s rambling. I zoomed out of Computer Village and was quickly inside the bus to ICM. The guy sitting beside me gave me a tract. I took a quick glance “Signs Of The End Times!”. If there was ever any time I was going to read tracts, not today. I was busy imagining and rehearsing my date with Lady-in-red.
Few minutes later, the same guy asked me how he could get to Ojodu Berger from Alausa Secretariat. I realized he was holding a brown envelope, so I described.
“Shoprite! Shoprite!!” The bus conductor shouted.
O wa o!” I responded and alighted (I wonder why they call the whole mall “Shoprite” anyway). Three seconds after the bus moved, I realized.
“My change! My change!!” I shouted but the bus had gone too far. N400 was gone just like that. “Ooh! See what over-excitement has caused now!” I murmured, ensuring nobody saw me running after the bus.
Something felt odd…
I felt my pocket and my wallet was intact. I was just about breathing a sigh of relief when I realized my new phone wasn’t in my pocket.
Jesus!, The Tract Guy!!!

Mature Minds Talk.


Don’t tell me she’s one Asian woman. Of course, the name already gives that away. So, do you know who she is? Before I give you her summarized profile (trust me, she has a very bulky one), let me just give us a quick reminder – Never ever allow your background put your back to the ground.
Zhou Qunfei was born in 1970 at Xiangxiang, Hunan province, china (you don’t necessarily have to pronounce it. Lol!… Just keep reading). She was the youngest of three children and from a very wretched family – calling her family ‘poor’ is disrespect to the word ‘poor’. Just before she was born, her father, a former soldier, became partially blind and challenged in an industrial accident in the ‘60s. He was (before the accident) a skilled craftsman who ‘supported’ his family by repairing bicycles, making bamboo chairs and baskets. Zhou lost her mother when she was five.
As a child, she suggested the family ventured into animal husbandry, and it became a business that helped her family raise small profit for sustenance. She’s the only one amongst her siblings to attend secondary school and her teachers described her as a “hard-working and talented” student. Her father couldn’t cope financially and she had to drop out at age 16. She had to move in with her uncle’s family to become a migrant worker in Shenzhen, (Shezen’s economic state was like what Lagos is now).
Hardly had she settled in Shenzhen that she began to volunteer to work from one place to another. She was at the same time taking part time courses at Shenzhen University, so she ensured the places she worked were in the University’s vicinity. She studied many subjects and passed the examinations to be certified for accounting, computer operations, customs processing, and even became licensed for driving commercial vehicles (something like a female ‘danfo’ driver) at the age of 21.
She said her dream was to become a huge fashion designer but she wanted to start her own firm. (Now this is where her profile gets interesting) Zhou got a job working in a small family company where watch parts were being made and after just three months on the job, she decided to quit. Her reason – She didn’t like the working conditions and every other worker’s dispensation towards work. The factory chief read her resignation letter and was moved to promote her instead.
By the time the factory closed down in 1993, she had already saved around $3,000. She used this as the capital to start her own company. She was scared but her cousin encouraged her. The company started in a three bedroom apartment, with her brother, sister, their spouses, and two cousins as the workers. She had, and still has a hands-on approach to getting things done. Destiny came smiling in 2001 with the advent of mobile phones. Her company won the contract to produce phone screens and she had to sell her personal belongings to ensure they delivered a job void of any form of error/complain.
Zhou Qunfei is presently the wealthiest woman in china. She’s the owner of Lens Technology – the producer of screens for clients like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, and so on. Her present staff strength is 60,000 and her factories are in 13 different locations across china. Her firm produces around 1 billion pieces of glass for smartphones, TVs, and apple watches. 90% of smartphones in the world uses Lens Technology product (yes, including your smartphone too).
“I’ve had to sell my house twice to pay my workers” she said in an interview.
When asked what her secret to success is, her simple reply was: “I have a very high desire to learn. I learn from almost everything”.
That poor girl from Xiangxiang is presently the 17th richest woman in the world. She’s 46 and has a net worth of $7 billion.

Don’t forget the reminder – “Never ever let your background put your back to the ground”.

Mature Minds Talk.


Asides the pain of course, headaches can be very nasty and annoying. They sometimes come unannounced and can be really frustrating, especially when you feel they’re starting to overstay their welcome. Sometimes, you can hypothetically trace the cause of a headache, and sometimes, they’re like professional assassins – Traceless (Lol!).

They can affect your productivity, your mood and even your relationships.
All over the world, headaches aren’t taken as serious as many other health related discomforts, as many people believe it’s solely a sign of stress. But that’s a wrong notion, and that might be the first thing you want know about headaches. As much as Headaches are usually the body’s response to a risk factor, it is safe to say that not all headaches are ‘just” headaches.
So, let’s put a magnifying glass on headaches. Shall we?
What exactly is a headache? Simple! When your head aches *ducks from slippers*. Basically, it’s the symptom of a sharp or throbbing pain in the head or neck.
Quickly below, are a few cool… or uncool facts about headaches, which may allow you have a more precise approach to tackling the situation next time around (yes, don’t be overly spiritual. I can bet there will be a next time, if you’re not currently experiencing it).
There are two major kinds of headaches – Primary and Secondary headaches. While primary headaches may cause significant discomfort or pain, they are often benign, and not dangerous. They are caused by stress, eye muscle strain, inflammation, illness, sleeplessness, hunger (I know you can relate), your environment, and your spouse (I included this myself).
Secondary headaches on the other hand are mostly caused by an underlying disease like a head injury, growing tumours, brain bleed, vascular disorder or an infection. They are often “red flags” to a more pressing concern that’s happening in the body, and they may be dangerous. Good news is though – 90% of all headaches are primary headaches.
What’s going on inside when you’re experiencing a headache?
What do you think? Your cells are having a concert on your head… just kidding. Your brain is the main culprit for the pain you feel during a headache. The pain comes from a mix of signals between the brain blood, nearby nerves, and blood vessels. Once this happens, next thing, your head muscles flare up and send pain signals to your brain, which in turn sends the signal to your CNS.
Types of headaches include: Hormone headaches (happens to women during their periods, pregnancy, and menopause, due to changing hormonal levels), Sinus headaches (most times come with an infection like running nose, etc.), Cluster headaches (affects men more than women, and can visit for 2 weeks to 2/3months, only to “travel” for up to a year before coming back), then give it up for their most popular sibling – Migraine (can last for hours or days; it depends. It accompanies illness or can be a sign of an underlying illness. It’s most times, the nastiest of them all).
As opposed to self-medication which is the norm, checking in with your doctor should follow, after you suffer a headache (don’t give me that side eye). You should follow their prescriptions for pain relievers and other medications. The best way though, is the preventive route, which can mostly be achieved via QLA (Quality Lifestyle Adjustment).

I’ll be back; I need a glass of water.

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