MAN – Such beings of curiosity!
Man; always questioning, always searching. From the beginning of time, after curiosity became the undoing of man and he fell short of the divine expectations; amongst a few other consequences, Man was stripped of the gift of IMMORTALITY. A gift which for many years to come would continually be sought with sorrow, tears, grit and blood.
Words have flown around of a hidden place in Africa where water springs from an undiscoverable source. Water, which when drank can make you invisible to the Grim Reaper. Water called the “Fountain of Youth”. Noah, Sarah, or whoever is reading this note. Pay attention! I think I may have found the secret to immortality, and this secret stands independent of CURIOSITY.
I have studied the lives of a number of mortals who have walked on this same earth as we presently do, and breathed the same air. I have written about a few of them and I have made a shocking discovery! I think these mortals have something in common. I couldn’t quite understand it at first but the more I gave in to my curiosity, allowing it do my head in, the more it became clearer to me – These mortals did find the secret to IMMORTALITY.
At this point, understand that “death” isn’t necessarily when the cells of your flesh reach their regeneration limit and you have to step out of it. No! That is merely but a transition. Death is simply the absence of life. So what is LIFE? One of the meanings you’ll find in your dictionary is this – “A Worthwhile Existence”. That pretty much sums it all up, and explains why some mortals have their cells still regenerating, but are DEAD.
When you find what makes your existence worthwhile and you give everything you have to the fulfillment of that thing, then you are fully living. I mean when your existence ceases to be just about you. Understand that this is exactly what I found that those “IMMORTALS” have in common. They found what made their existence worthwhile, and DEATH became just another word to them. They lived, transitioned, and came back to LIFE.
Noah, Sarah, or whoever is reading this note. The secret I have found is to pour a portion of your life into as many other lives as you can. You also do not have all day, so you have to do that as fast as you can. Find what makes your existence worthwhile. You will know, when your existence ceases to be just about you. Don’t just pass through life; No, those people I studied didn’t take that path. They lived for others. They found what made it all WORTHWHILE.
Do the same and watch how you live from generations to generations. Guess what, I just had a conversation with Mahatma Gandhi and I’ll tell you what he told me. He said “Jay, live as though you will die tomorrow, and learn as though you will live forever.” Mother Theresa then smiled and said she thought you’d like to know that “You alone cannot change the world, but you can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” Another friend told me “When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people (and his country), he can rest in PEACE”.
MLK saw the how overwhelmed I was, thinking of how to take this path of IMMORTALITY, the same path I want you, reading this, to take and with a pat on my left shoulder, he said – “See Jay, life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

And then it hit me – “If you want to live forever; live for OTHERS”. That is the secret to IMMORTALITY.

Mature Minds Talk.