I was young and naïve; big dreams in my small head
I knew where I was headed; colourful future in my monochrome mind
I saw just the destination; not any swerve, not any bend

I heard motivational speakers say I have to leave the past behind

I was afraid…

I didn’t really pay attention; I thought I deserved the bed of roses
I quickly learnt what life taught; nobody owes me nothing
I stared right at my red sea; I had to become my Moses
Going back isn’t an option when your dreams start calling

I was afraid…

I held on tightly to the mental picture, forging through the storm
I was shocked; Belief, Determination, and focus weren’t enough
I lost, I cried, I learnt, and almost forgot where I was coming from
I realized and remembered the saying “When the going gets tough…”

I was afraid…

I came to the world a prince, but I learnt to swing the sword
I always wanted more; so I couldn’t, when others stopped
I can achieve it, if my mind can conceive it; and that was the word 
I heard that and knew one day I’ll be standing at the top

I was(n’t) afraid…

I steadied my sling and picked up some skills
I was ready to either overcome my fears or die trying
I locked myself with my Goliaths, and adrenalin replaced the chills
I took them down one after the other, that Spartan feeling
– Jaybee (2017)
Mature Minds Talk.


As much as I know, even though I might not know much, no boxing match has stirred more controversy than today’s match between Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr and  Connor “Notorious” McGregor aka “THE MONEY FIGHT”. I’ll try to watch this fight, and I think if you can, you should watch it too. Let me tell you why.

This fight features Floyd Mayweather, a professional undefeated boxing mastermind over the course of 49 boxing matches, against someone who’ll be making his professional boxing debut, coming from boxing’s more brutal “cousin” – UFC. But before you hiss and ask what he was thinking when he decided to step into the boxing ring with Mayweather, let me give you a hint.

If fights are won by polls, we can all just declare Connor the winner already, as he’s presently leading Mayweather on Google Polls, 44% – 56% from about 200,000 votes and sports bookers claim a large percentage of people are putting their money on Connor (crazy right?). So what makes this fight interesting after all these?… More like why do I think you should watch it?

1. History
For decades to come, people will make reference to this fight and tell their (grand) children “I remember in 2017 when a guy without any boxing experience stepped into the ring with an undefeated boxing champion. You should’ve seen it. It was epic and then they’ll use the result of the fight to conclude the rest of the talk. This is not just a fight, this is history in the making.

2.  Morale Boosting
If you ever think Connor “Notorious” McGregor is insane for accepting this challenge, you’re not alone. But what you can boost your morale with is the fact that in life, you have to recognize that sometimes, when you lose, you still win. If Usain Bolt decides to play tennis against Rafael Nadal and loses, the fact that he played alone is a win in a loss. You get?

3. Challenge Yourself
A lot of people think Connor would win this fight and I guess it’s simply because he accepted to fight in the first place. If he goes on to win, then you have one more reason to ask yourself what you mean by “I’m not sure I can do this” whenever you want to embark on a new challenge. Watch the fight with mindset of challenging yourself.

4. Life Lessons
I’m not much of a boxing fan (I’ll rather watch F1 or even Long Jump), but I watch it from time to time. One thing I that intrigues me is the life lessons I draw out from boxing. One important lesson I’ve learnt from boxing is that sometimes to beat your opponent (competition), you have to think like them, understand them, and (literally) beat them (thanks to Mohammed Ali).

5. Relax
Watching two people burst their faces with energetic punches might not be the best way to relax, but oh well, any excuse to return to the front of the TV eh?… So enjoy the match and relax with a cold drink. The blows wouldn’t affect you, money also wouldn’t. But the lessons should.


Mature Minds Talk


Let’s quickly paint a picture. Ready?

Assume you’re walking down a lonely road and someone walks up to behind you from nowhere, and then whispers “Your money or your life” we both can guess what your first reaction would be, even without looking back. Have you ever asked yourself this “Jamb Question”: “Who was the first person to use that phrase?” Or you think thieves had a meeting and a long time ago, and they brainstormed on what to say to announce their presence, and then came up with that phrase? I personally don’t think so.

The point here is, the moment you hear that phrase, without much strings attached to your thoughts, you know it’s most likely time for “business”(don’t mind me), except someone is messing around. The same way, the moment you hear or see some other words or features, you automatically know what they stand for. The reason this is, is simply because those brands have found what makes them unique. So the question here is – What Makes Your Brand Unique (and Relatable)?

What makes your tribe bubble and come alive when it’s said or shown? Churches especially understand this principle and sometimes, through what some members say, through how they appear, or maybe a phrase that replaces a greeting, you can almost immediately tell which church they belong to. It’s a principle of rapport which can be applied to your business. Believe it or not, it can invariable cause a boost in your brand presence, but more importantly profit margin. 

If we were to play a game of “First Thing That Comes To Mind”, when I mention Football, I’m sure you’ll probably blurt out Messi or Ronaldo. When I mention online shopping in Nigeria, you’ll probably blurt out Jumia or Konga. When I mention TV stations in Nigeria, you’ll probably blurt out Channels or Silverbird. When I mention bleaching cream, you’ll probably… never mind (that answer might be ‘risky’) but you get the drift.

That is a milestone we should all be looking to cross in business and trust me, we should selfishly be aiming to make our brand names, the first name that comes to mind, when the goods and/or services we offer are mentioned; such that even by just our slogans, our brand names will be known. Hate it or love it, when I say “everywhere you go” you know what I’m talking about (especially because those guys don’t go anywhere.. Lol!).

As a business person, if you haven’t started thinking that big, you had better. If your brand is there already, don’t forget us in your kingdom.

Thank you for your time. Cheers!

Mature Minds Talk.


A writer’s nightmare, a tunnel that has turned into an abyss for many a few writers who innocently lacked the right information on the exact thing to do to unwind themselves from the feeling of being trapped in their own heads – the frustrating and depressing feeling of the Writer’s Block. There is no experienced writer anywhere in the world who does not know what writer’s block is, just that you might have experienced it without knowing what to call what you’re experiencing. But as a writer, writer’s block at some point is as sure as breathing in oxygen whether you’re awake or asleep.

There are various kinds of Writer’s Block, ranging from you not being able to come up with any idea, just staring blankly at your computer or notepad to having the ideas in your head not being able to write it down or not feeling you have the right words to convey the message, to getting stuck in the middle of a project. But as it’s rightly said, lack of information could leave you in a state of deformation. Hence, this vital piece of information on how to navigate your way out of Writer’s Block and be rest assured that these seven tips does work.

1. Take a break – Your brain might be bored without you even knowing it and this could cause a jam in your thought-flow. Reading and Writing are one of the few things that bore the brain easily and one of the best ways this can be tackled is changing your activity. Stare at the ceiling, watch some videos, take a walk, make some phone calls, and so on.

2. Write something else – Take a break from your main project, and just pick up a pen and begin scribbling things down. No forethoughts, no grammar, no structure, probably not even punctuations and paragraphs. Just give it a free-flow or freestyle. This clears your jam while not totally taking you out of the zone. This works most times when you feel your work load is more than you.

3. Task your mind – Similar to doing something else, task your mind or do something creative. Paint a picture, edit some photos either on your photo editor or photoshop, do some knitting, repair some stuffs, Work in the garage, play games. This personally works for me. Doing this helps you jump the road block just in front of the creative areas of your mind.

4. Sleep in thought – Creative thinking at bedtime also helps in overcoming writer’s block. “Think before you sleep” is a technique I’ve successfully used on a number of occasions. Thinking about what your project entails just as you’re about to doze off definitely works, especially if your project is a story. Personalize the characters; you could even put yourself in the plot and so on. That moment before bedtime is one of the best times to do that.

5. Early bird technique – Believe it or not, your writing flows better in the morning. I mean around 4am – 8am. At that time, your brain is still in some charged up level and you explore your imaginative areas more just after you wake up. This is just a fact you personally might not agree with but test it over time and you’ll realize what I call “the early bird” technique is actually very real.

6. Edit some write-ups – Editing some of your old write-ups, definitely helps overcome Writer’s Block. Skim through the pages and change the words, the structure/plot or both. Something like examining yourself. This method I must say doesn’t work for every writer and doesn’t work all the time, from my personal experience.

7. Don’t force it – This is arguably the most important step. Don’t force working on a project you feel jammed on. You could be doing more harm than good by flogging your brain to work. You don’t want to experience the pathetic sabbatical effect of the aftermath of forcing a project out of your Writer’s Block. It’s really one of the worst nightmares a writer could face.

Writer’s block, though isn’t funny but once you can master your zone, you can easily wriggle your way out of it in no time at all and implementing these tips would hopefully also help in pulling you out of it… But remember, don’t force it.

Thanks for your time.

Mature Minds Talk