The story you’re about to read is Christian’s but not about Christian. Chris is 15, he stays in Victoria Island, Lagos and he’s the last child in a family of 3 – He has an elder sister (or eldest, if you like), and an immediate elder brother; 21 and 19 respectively. They are from the eastern part of Nigeria and they are well-to-do. (You can rightly guess of course; Judging from the part of Lagos they chose to stay).

The family is a strictly nuclear family, without open doors to any uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, or nephews – oh except the house maid (don’t shift your eyebrows just yet). The said house help doesn’t stay in the premises though; Chris’s dad rented a small room self-contain for her, just down the street. Probably, because of stories he has heard about house helps and the children of their employers.

According Chris, he hoped the maid was living with them though, ‘cos at least, he probably would have someone to talk to and not bear the burden all alone ‘cos he’s indeed in a dilemma. Here’s where the story gets a little bit twisted.

Four years ago, precisely on the morning of Chris’s 10th birthday, around 5am, he had gone to ease himself and on his way back to his own room, an unusual sound from his brother’s room suddenly caught his attention. He shrugged and thought he was probably playing his video games or something.

But something stirred his curiosity and he turned, made his way into his brother’s room and switched on the light. Lo and Behold, Joseph and Emmanuella (his siblings) were stark naked, doing what he had only seen flashes of, on TV. They quickly covered themselves up and Joseph shouted at him to GET OUT! and close the door.

He was really confused and as he journeyed back to his bedroom, he kept trying to wrap his head around what he saw. He couldn’t quite confirm if it was his imagination or he indeed saw what he thought he saw. Joseph got him a PSP as his birthday present and confirmed it was not his imagination, by telling him not to tell anyone what he saw, or he’ll collect the PSP back.

Oh well, who cares what he saw? – Is he even sure what he saw? Please just leave matter for martyrs and let him enjoy his gaming device. Emmanuella on the other hand never said anything to him about it and even though on like 5 other occasions, spread over the space of 4 years, he’d heard similar noises from his brother’s room, he never gathered enough courage to walk towards the door, let alone opening it.

Last week was his 15th birthday and Joseph, who recently gained admission into University of Lagos had promised to wake him by pouring messy water on him. Hence, his plan was to wake up early and burst his elder bro’s plans before he executes them. He woke up early as planned and quickly made his way to his brother’s room but just Like Déjà vu, he simply burst in to meet his siblings in the same shameful naked position, as four years ago, having a time of their lives.

This time, he didn’t wait to be shouted on. He rushed back out immediately in tears. What he saw didn’t only ruin his day, but it left him with a lot of unanswered questions. Questions like: “How come for all these years, his parents haven’t noticed anything?” “How long exactly have his siblings been this disgusting?” “Should he tell his parents?” “What if they don’t believe him?” “Should he just leave them and mind his own business?”
Right now, he’s really confused with no clear path to take about the matter in sight.

So dear reader, what would you suggest Chris does?

What do you think?
Mature Minds Talk.
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Hello Guys,
I’m so excited because it’s our first Woman Crush Wednesday – WCM on MMT and for those of us who’ve been living under a cave (*shade*), It simply means we’ll be picking out a female celebrity and celebrating them (Lol!). We’ll also be delving into a bit of their profile, and stating a few reasons why we love them as much as we do. So, straight to bi’ness (Yeup!).


Our first WCW on MMT is no other person than the multiple award winner and multi-platinum singer – Tope Alabi. *Yaay!*

Let’s do you the favour of bringing you closer to her, just so you know why we love her so much (to make her the pioneer WCW on MMT).

Patricia Temitope Alabi, the only daughter of 3 children, was born on the 27th October, 1970 in Lagos State, Nigeria. She hails from Ogun state; Yewa, Imeko precisely. She schooled in Ibadan, after which she proceeded to obtain a degree in Mass Communication at The Polytechnic, Ibadan and graduated in the year 1990. (the name of that Polytechnic though)… Moving on.

Tope Alabi pursued her educational attainment with all seriousness and dedication it deserves because her parents were disciplinarians of the highest order. She however opted to join “The Jesters International” (Jacob, Papilolo & Aderupoko) during her secondary school days, between 1982 and 1984. Mainly because of her passion for music and drama.

After her graduation, she worked as a correspondent for NTA Ibadan, before moving to Lagos between 1990 and 1991, where she worked at NTA Channel 7 Tejuosho (Now NTA Channel 10, Lagos) between. She worked with Centrespread Advertising Limited, Ilupeju, Lagos; and a few other outfits. In 1994, she joined “Aromire Theatre Group” and used that as her much needed come back into the Theater Art profession.

That decision turned out to be one of her best decisions, as she was able to distinguish herself as a musician and actress. From then on, it has been from one step to another without looking back. She was (still has been) involved in various film productions, stage drama and most importantly the soundtrack production with which she was well known and considered as an authority in the Nigeria Yoruba Movie industry.

Tope Alabi is considered by many as the biggest gospel musician in Nigeria, with her songs been recycled, year after year. It be noteworthy to state that Tope Alabi is the pacesetter of soundtracks in the Yoruba Home Video Industry. She has to her credit to date, about 400 soundtracks which she had composed for various Yoruba movies. She also has 5 music albums to her credit and over 50 tracks.

Her hit tracks include… All her songs are hits jhor!

She’s probably the most heard voice on Instagram, as her song “Aye Le” has been used in over 300 funny Instagram skits – some of which aren’t even done by Nigerians.

So that’s it for our WCW guys, next time you hear “Aye Le” on Instagram, just know that lady up there contributed in making you laugh.

Can you guess who our next WCW would be?

Here’s the popular “Aye Le” video:


Mature Minds Talk.


So, I was in an eatery some time ago, when a gentleman walked in. It was lunch hour, so there were quite a number of customers in front of the counter. Although there wasn’t a line, the attendants were trying really hard to ensure every customer was being attended to in time.

This gentleman strolls to the counter, places his left elbow on the counter, stands sideways with his right hand in his pocket and lets out a nice smile. He had such charisma, you would think he probably owned the place.

“So what would you like for lunch sir?” A light skinned lady asked, holding an empty plate in her left hand.

“Hmmm… what do you have?” He replied with his charming smile.

“Anything you can think of for lunch… or here, just go through the menu” the lady replied pointing upwards. Apparently, there was the menu board, tagged to the top of the counter.

“You know what?… I’m too hungry to start racking my brain about the menu. Just give me anything”
Without saying a word, the lady took the next person’s order, then the next person, then the next. The man had at this time removed his phone from his pocket and was scrolling through

“This man isn’t hungry at all. He should just leave the counter for other hungry folks” I thought like it’s any of my business. I was almost done with my own meal.

Hardly had I finished poke-nosing that the man raised his face.

“What the hell is this?!… What’s wrong with you people?!… I’ve literally been standing here for 20 minutes! Is this how you treat your customers?! Is there a manager I can speak to?!…”

The man went from 0 – 100 real quick. From Charming smile to “Where’s my food?!” in millisecond (Oh… so he was actually hungry. Lol!)

You see most of us in life are just like this man. We get to the counter and rather than place a specific demand, we demand for anything. Then we get worked up and frustrated when we try to get anything and we get nothing.

If only we could look around with insight and realize life sometimes flashes the question – WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Most of us have replies that sound like:

“I want to make it” – Make what? Tea?

“I want to be very rich” – Really? Can I give you N200? (You’ll be N200 richer than before)

“I want to get to the top” – Top of which tree?

“I want to be blessed” – Are you fellowshipping for the first time?

Our subconscious, which connects to the forces in the universe and controls a lot in the process of goal setting and goal getting, doesn’t actually understand vaguely set goals. Replies like those above result to NOTHING (apologies about the “blessing” part but it’s the truth).

When setting goals, let’s make it definitive and time bound. Let’s put specifics on it and give it a deadline. How about replies like:

“I’ll make products that sell for N20k upwards before the next six months”

“I want to make N5M profit by 31/12/2017”

“I want to buy a new car before the end of next month”

“I want to be the MD of my workplace by March 2019”

You’ll realize that goals set this way becomes clearer to work with; hence, faster to accomplish. Set the goals before you focus on the “How”. You’ll start to see opportunities where you previously haven’t seen anything, or have seen just problems. Have your answer ready ‘cos life can at any time ask you the question: WHAT DO YOU WANT?


I’ve learnt quite a number of lessons in this my one life I’ve lived (especially between last year and now). Some of which I shared with my virtual family on Facebook, via a platform called Showmanship. I was the Showman, and I’ll quickly just share with us some of the things I shared here. 
I think everyone should know and keep these points in mind, to make life’s journey one with less friction. I’ll be reminding myself these 7 points as often as I can. You may want to try it too. Here we go:
1. Never think “those” previous years are wasted or insignificant. The years past are what have summed up to form your moulding blocks, and you wouldn’t be where you are now, without being there first.
2. You are exactly where God wants you to be. Don’t look at another person’s time and start turning the hands of your clock. We all are operating in our individually unique timezone. Obama left office at 55, Trump entered at 70 – Different timezone.
3. Have an attitude of Thankful reflection. There is something to learn from every experience you go through in life. If you can’t find the good in that seemingly bad experience, then just know that however bad, it could have been worse.
4. Everyone has what they’ve been through in the past, that has formed the basis of how they think and act presently. Rather than judge people based on their actions, why not take time to understand them and know why they act the way they do.
5. Nobody owes you anything. Whatever you want out of life should be demanded by you. Life is not fair and you cannot bleach it. You don’t expect anyone to give you anything. You need go get whatever you want,
6. Amoshine when Amoshine, and you gon shine when you gon shine. If your neighbour is shining, then be happy cos it’s his time to shine. Don’t be envious or turn to a “poke-nosa” (Lol!). When your time comes, people will have to wear shades to look at you – “Your Time”.
7. Find your domain and dominate it. Whales are not expected to dominate the sky and eagles will die if they decide to compete in Aquatic Animals Olympics. Find YOUR anchor and destroy YOUR dungeon. That way achievement comes without stress.
Meanwhile, Jaybee, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Long Life and prosperity in good health, clean joyful wealth and overflowing peace. May every door you approach automatically open (yes, like motion sensor doors). God bless you today, tomorrow, and forever for the rest of your life.
Go put a dent on the universe you super powered weirdo!
Have fun and enjoy a great one.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, may this day bring us more of not only love, but peace, happiness, tolerance, and understanding. May our relationships continue to get better, stronger, and like the wine, get sweeter with as time goes by. Cheers!

*Wears mischievous sunshades*

The couple’s greeting has ended – Continue reading at your own discretion. because from here downwards isn’t the general Happy Valentine’s Day shoutout.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the single peeps out there, who are of age, but have refused to be pressured into going into a relationship by friends, colleagues, relatives, and even parents. We deserve the best when we eventually find someone who we want to settle with – Life would agree with us.

Happy Valentine’s to all those who have lost their partners. If we decide to remain single in their honour, then we have done the right thing and it simply indicates how strong our love was, when we had them around. If we also decide to go into a relationship, may life give us someone who would do far much better than our departed partner.

Happy Valentine’s to all single parents out their who have been abandoned by their partners or supposed partners. If we are sure we truly did nothing wrong, then it’s just a matter of time before true love finds us. Earth’s law of getting what we give is sure to reward us with the love that will make us rise above our present state.

Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the guys/girls who are in relationships to test the waters, and never giving it their all. When our heart is broken, we’ll say all men are scum or all women are trash. We won’t confess how we were doing like Wi-Fi signal bar, rising and falling all through the relationship. We easily forget that relationships take testing the waters with both feet.

May we change from today and enjoy true love… and if it turns bad, may we have enough strength to dust ourselves and move on.

Happy Valentine Everyone.

Did I miss out any category (Lol!), kindly notify me in the comment section below.


Mature Minds Talk.


From Generations to Generations,

From Clans to Clans,

The War has waged on with no end in sight.

The brotherhood of Darkness and all its cohorts,

Watches us closely with prying eyes.

Sharpening their weapons – the old tools,

The Grim reaper, boogie man, weeping widow, and other ancient fools.

Dying to see what against their forces, the force of light can do.

The time is almost upon us, you knights of day.

Night draws closer, the implications are needless to say.

Gather your weapons, we go to war again.

For the sake of earth, we need to keep the dark force at bay.

*Weapons Clanging, Knights Roaring*

This time, we take the war to them, else at our doorsteps they deliver mayhem!

This time they taste the wrath of our flames from the edge of our blades!

This time our strikes are mortal, and finally for good we shut the portal!

This time we bring terror and fear to the gates!

It is time warriors!



What you’re about to read is the true life of Anna (not real name) from Lagos. I’m sure some of us have heard this story, and for those of us who haven’t, we could adequately use this opportunity to weigh in and share our thoughts. This is one of most complicated stories I’ve heard in long while. If you can, disengage from any form of distraction and read through.


Anna had been dating Sam for over five years and it was no more a thing of doubt that they saw a future together. They had already started making plans for their future, and how life would be, after they tie the knot. But things were starting to get dry and grainy, and a lot of things in their relationship were beginning to get affected. Sometimes, these things come as partners grow older.

It seemed the relationship was heading for the rocks, as they were arguing over anything and everything. Sam decided they needed a break and this was in the summer of 19**. They went their separate ways, during which Anna met Charles. She had a stint of a rebound relationship with Charles during the summer, an action which brought her to the realization that she just can’t love anybody the way she loves Sam.

Summer ended and she just couldn’t wait to be back in the arms of her Sam. Little did she know that Sam missed her even more. Two week later, he popped “The Question” and before one thing could or couldn’t lead to the other, they tied the knot… But a day to the wedding, Anna discovered something that made her pass out.

She was feeling funny and she conducted one of the available pregnancy tests just to check. Alas! She was pregnant. Pregnant with Charles’s baby, just before getting married to the love of her life. What would she do? Who does she turn to? How would Sam take it? This surely means the end of the wedding and the start of a whole new sudden difficult life for her – It was just a short summer!

She decides to keep mute, went ahead with the wedding and she delivered a bouncing baby girl – the first child of the family. Innocent Sam of course thought the baby was his. Anna decides she was going to tell her husband just after her post natal, but her courage failed her. She had on many occasions decided to tell, either her husband, her daughter, or call both of them and confess but she had never been able to gather enough courage.

21 years went by and she is still yet to tell anyone. She was going to tell her daughter on her 15th birthday but she couldn’t, she was going to tell her on her 16th birthday but she couldn’t, on her 20th birthday, but she couldn’t, on her 21st, but it’s already 2 months after her 21st. No one knows who the true father of her first child is, except her.

As a matter of fact, she’s still in touch with Charles on Facebook and even he doesn’t know that anything came from their summer stint together, and he indeed has a 21 year old child with her. No idea at all. He’s married too and has his own family, thought they just keep in touch once in a while as old time pals.

The weight of the secret weighs heavily on Anna’s conscience, day after day and she’s really scared that something is going to happen soon that would blow it all open. She’s also scared of what would happen if she decides to reveal the secret. How it would affect the life of her husband, her daughter, her other children, Charles, his kids and his family generally – In fact, it’s a whole big mess.

Definitely, a lot of innocent lives would be affected, should she decide to take away the bliss of all their ignorance. The weight is killing her though, and even though she had resolved to take the secret to the grave with her, she doesn’t think she can go through with it.

The question now is: Should she summon courage and go down to the grave with her dirty secret, since she’s the only one that knows about it, or should she tell all the parties involved and brace herself for the tsunami of the consequences?

Have you ever been in a similar situation as Anna?

What would be your best piece of advice to someone in this situation?

Mature Minds Talk


So, a couple of days ago, Felix (not real name) and I were having a conversation and he told me about his plight. I’ll like to share it with you; maybe there’s someone going through the same situation. Hopefully, this would serve as some sort of answer to get you dusted and moving on.

“I’m studying Microbiology presently but I don’t have one grain of passion for it. I love to write and writing is the number one thing that gives me joy. Sometimes, I lock myself away from the world and write away for hours. Nothing else can take that much of my time. I’m single now though, so I don’t know how it’ll be when I have a partner who’ll also need a portion of my time and attention.”

“That’s great!” I replied “As a writer myself, I love it when young minds say these things. It means that there are still very active sources, where positive energy is dispelled into the atmosphere and other writers can also tap from. Nice one bro!”
He then went quiet for one ‘very long’ minute, time long enough for me to know something was wrong.
“But I don’t think I want to write anymore. My friends are telling me to be serious and realistic with my life. They say writing is not a lucrative line and I can’t be as financially comfortable as I want to be. They said even though I’m a good writer, while my mates are working in banks, oil and gas firms, building & construction companies, health, insurance, and the rest, I’ll be scribbling words that people may not even read. Also they said…”

I allowed him finish his epistle and here’s my simple reply, which I’ll also like to give anybody having doubts about following their passion.

“Felix, do you know that if what you studied in school is directly proportional to your financial stability and sustainability, then Bankers should be the richest people in the world. I mean, this people sleep and wake up with money. They see, feel, and even dream about money. But do you know why bankers aren’t the richest people in the world?”


“Simply because 89% (my personal stat from close interaction, scrutiny and observation) of bankers don’t even know how they ended up there, what they’re doing there, or when they’ll leave there. Cash isn’t money to them but tools of their trade. Just so is it for people who have turned themselves into professional robots, cycling the routine, month-after-month, living for the pay day and nothing else.

The problem isn’t necessarily the tracks but the athletes. We live in a world where a lot of fishes are up in the sky, praying and yearning for water, and a lot of birds are deep down in the waters, drowning and gasping for air. A world where we’ve been made to believe that some professions are ants, when some others (elephants) are called.

There are a lot of people majestically seated behind large mahogany desks, who know deep down that they should busy dirtying themselves in their farms. There is that HR guy currently running a presentation, who knows even at that spot that he should be in his kitchen with his co-chefs, “cheffing” things out.
Felix, your friends, just like the society have lied! Look at people like John Grisham, Stephen King, James Patterson and Mummy J.K. Rowling and see the truth. Whatever it is you want to do, someone whose generation will forever be thankful to, has done it. Hope that answers your question”

And yes, Felix is Nigerian, so I totally understand where he’s coming from, but look at Late Isaac Durojaiye Agbetusin (SAN), aka Otunba Gaddaffi and his “Sh*t Business is Serious Business” slogan. His fellow legal practitioners would’ve thought he had mental hea…
…Enough said.

To every Felix out there, Go and turn your passion into profit, so you understand how it feels, being paid to do “nothing”.

Mature Minds Talk.