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Did you find the title of this post nudging, annoying, disturbing, or absurd? Ok sorry, I’m not sorry. You know why? Because the initial title before I changed it at the last minute was: ARE YOU STUPID OR ARE YOU ANGRY? Ahah!… See that face. Which do you prefer? The initial one or this one I changed it to? Don’t be quick to answer. Wait until you finish reading through okay?

So here’s the thing. We humans have a natural competitive nature. It is one of our default settings and there’s nothing we can do about it. Although some people’s competitive nature, due to several life factors have either died or are slowly dying off. These people are not motiva… Jaybee!… Don’t digress (sorry guys… story for another day).

Sometimes, I think there are two types of people in life – those who are stupid and those who are angry. Now, while you’re wondering which category you belong to, let me break it down and save you the time. Move your eyes a bit to the beginning of the second paragraph and let’s continue from there. When someone close to you starts doing better in life, what is usually your reaction?
When I say someone close, it could be your sibling, your relative, your neighbour, your friend, and so on. Once it starts to look as if Mother Nature is smiling at the person and things starts to fall in place for them, believe it or not, how you react to their progress would vividly tell you whether you’re the angry type or the stupid type.

Don’t you for once think envy is always a bad thing – It’s just natural; especially when the person in making waves is a close buddy that you started out in life together. You can envy and not be jealous about their progress. You can use their progress to rub yourself in the face; or they can rub it in your face too; depending on their level of maturity. That’s not where I’m looking at. Whether you rub it your own face or they help you (which is more annoying) I’ll say: Stop at being annoyed and don’t graduate to being stupid.

If your neighbour’s progress nudges you, twists your ear or pulls your hair, then channel your anger at your drawing board. Come up with ideas, strategies and train yourself to recognize opportunities better than you used to – Just so you know, opportunity recognition can require training. Some of the angry ones in life would not get off their butt and succeed until they have someone rub it in their faces.

What then makes some stupid? As a matter of fact, when friends or neighbours flaunt their ‘this and that’ in our faces, everyone starts out being angry. What then makes the difference is that while some go from being angry to strategizing and determining to get the best revenge which is success, some go on whinning and complaining. They are always the ‘Change Detectors’ Knowing when someone has changed and when someone is too proud. While they do nothing to better their own situation, they can report (actually gossip) about the person getting hits all over town – That is practical stupidity. Talking about them wouldn’t help your condition. Would it? *Who talk epp?*

The Sawiris billionaire family in Egypt is a good case study. Onsi Sawiris’ the owner of Orascom Group and his three sons – Naguib Sawiris (the eldest), Samih Sawiris and the youngest Nasseff Sawiris). Naguib was introduced into business before any of his other two younger brothers, Samih was soon introduced later, and Nasseff was angry that he wasn’t introduced at the age his two older brothers were introduce into the business. His brothers were already far gone by the time he got in but as soon as he did, he wouldn’t stop challenging biggest competitors (his two elder brothers), Naguib was already a billionaire by then.

Today, Nasseff is the richest person in the Sawiris family. With the right channeling of anger, converting it into dedication, hard work, diligence and persistence. Their latest Forbes’ net worth puts ‘egbon’ Naguib Sawiris at US$3.1 billion and ‘kid bro’ Nasseff Sawiris at US$5.3 billion (even Daddy Onsi Sawiris was estimated to be worth US$2 billion). Who says anger can’t bring forth anything tangible?

Convert the energy you’ll use in merely getting angry (stupid) into a productive, purpose driven one and see how things would start working for you ‘cos in that moment of ‘anger’ your burst of energy is higher, determination is stronger, and your calculations are sharper (your eyes are redding! RIP English… Lol!). Don’t fume, muse, or turn yourself to an EP (enemy of progress) over another person’s progress – that’s just stupid!

You have every right to be angry, especially if it’s rubbed in your face. Just make sure you get the best form of revenge – SUCCESS.


Mature Minds Talk. 


Before you continue reading, I’ll like to beg your indulgence to pay a bit more attention. Not necessarily putting what you’re doing on hold but just don’t read through – think through with me on this. You know, they say the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, well I say it depends on how open or close minded one is, while using the pill.

On the side, you know, the social media has a way presenting you with things that surround your interest; especially when you start to use it intentionally. In other words, when you start to intentionally use the social media and not allow it use you… Well, story for another day.

So, I was taking some notes while watching some Instagram videos (I hope I’m not the only who does this) and I had to fight the urge to start punching keys on my keyboard afterwards but I can only say the aftermath of a training I attended recently has brought me to this point. Hopefully I’ve not bored you with my digression.

You know, life is like hard drugs and the question you would most likely ask is – How?

Now, come to this: Why do people do drugs? Is it because they are ignorant of the fact that it’s bad for them and it can in fact kill them? My guess is Nope! People in fact do drugs because of how it makes them FEEL. Well, there you have the basis of the very nature of man; a nature we took from God himself – We all are beings of FEELINGS.

People do drugs, even get addicted to it, despite the fact that it has a lot of health damaging effects but the temporary FEELING, which is the RESULT of taking the drugs is the basic reason people do drugs. The last verse in the first chapter of the bible validates the fact that we take every action, every decision, based on the FEELINGS we get as a RESULT of our ACTIONS; that are determined by our DECISIONS.

Hope that didn’t get confusing.

I’m not an expert at these sort of things, never probably ever done it before but take your eyes of this article for half a minute, take intentionally and slow deep breaths and we’ll continue when you’re done. Oh, by the way, there are like 10 deep breaths in 30 seconds. Now, take your recess. Would you?…

…Welcome back. Was that refreshing in any way? Now, what do you think when you hear words like Sweat, Pain, and Sleeplessness? Negatives right? But can you successfully keep fit in the gym without sweating? Can a baby (a bundle of joy) be delivered without any form of pain? Can there be any good success without the sacrifice of sleep?

To round it up, if you think about it very well, life is just like hard drugs. The real end of every ACTION is not the RESULT; not at all. The end is the FEELING we get from the RESULT. The problem is, everybody wants to get the RESULTS and yes, everybody makes the DECISIONS that would lead to that FEELING but only a few actually take the required necessary ACTION and in this category falls those who actually get the FEELING of fulfillment.

Everyone would love to be fit, smart and rich (RESULT – FEELING) but not everyone would be willing to follow through with the process of gyming, studying and working hard. Even though a lot of people decide to (DECISION – ACTION) and this is where the problem is. But trust me, if you can follow through your DECISIONS with ACTIONS and hold out long enough through thick and thin, then your RESULTS are sure to give you the FEELING that it was all totally worth it.

The question is: Are you willing to work for that FEELING?

Mature Minds Talk

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