I can’t really say for sure what I was thinking of when I came up with this post, but of course, I was on Instagram. There was this celebrity I was talking with, a couple of weeks back, a comedian and an actor – He said he isn’t naturally a social media person but since it looked like everyone was on one social media platform or the other he decided to follow suit. At first, he would post something and get just 20 likes (with the word ‘Celebrity’ boldly written on his CV. Lol!) 20 likes! Well, that was then. Today!… Somebody say today, thank God the story has changed. Now there’s a “K” attached to the number of his followers and in general, his Instagram prayers have been answered.
If you are yet to know the power of Social Media in this 21st century, then you need a time travelling machine… to send you back to specifically 1945 (don’t ask me why 1945 though); you don’t belong to the information age. For the rest of us… I want to quickly discuss 7 signs for you to know that your Instagram prayers are being answered… or has already been answered. On your marks, get set, (I won’t say “Oba go”… Lol! I’m too old for that ***t). Seriously, leggo!

1. A “K” or “M” is Attached to Your Followers: You know your Instagram prayers is being answered when you can no longer see the exact figures of your followers. Instagram now approximates the number. When you start seeing 107K, 719K, 1M, 12M, and so on, then you can start preparing for your Instagram thanksgiving. You definitely have to be a strong Instagram personality, posting catchy content, for that to happen. Mind you, I’m talking about real followers oh!… If you ordered your own followers from an online shop, then I’m not talking about you. Walk!
2. Your Posts Have at Least 20% “Likes”: I wonder how someone would have 1M followers and have about 700likes on their posts. I don’t just gerrit. Even if your followers dislike you sef, you should still be able to gather the tithe of them, as your ‘likes’. But oh well, many people have done “wuruwuru to the answer” and it’ll keep showing on their posts. At least 20% of the total number of your followers would/should always like your post.
3. Different Accounts Repost Your Post: This sure is a very good sign. When you keep seeing your handle all over the place, or you stumble on your original content on some random account, then you can be very sure that your Instagram prayers is being worked on. Don’t be mad if the accounts reposting it don’t credit you as the owner. Just be glad your content is reaching more people than you think it does. It is someone that has something valuable that they will steal from.
4. Your Videos get 5 figure views: For the video-grammers, especially comedians, entertainers, skit producers, and advertisers. If there’s no comma in the number of people who have viewed your videos, then you need to keep strategizing publicity medium. Once you have numbers like 19,996 (<– that’s what I mean by five figures) then you can pat yourself on the back and know you’re headed in the right direction.
5. People Advertise in Your Comment Section: Ah! This one, when you get to the stage where people start advertising ‘Pink Lips Balm’, ‘Human Hair and Spirit Hair’, ‘Travel Agency’, ‘Fashion and Home Items’, ‘100% genuine followers sale’, ‘Sports Betting cheats’, ‘Data Re-Sale Services’ and ‘Fertility Managers/Consultants’. You know, you are either gaining, or have gained celebrity status on Instagram. Prayers work, doesn’t it?
6. Brands Contact You for Advertisement: You are getting close to the Instagram promise land, when you are being approached by different brands who are too ‘tush’ to be battering your comment section with noisy ads, to feature their products in your posts. This is a sign that all your Instagram hard work is finally about to start paying off. When brands ask you how much it would cost for you to represent them. Before you reply, first of all thank God for answered prayers. Lol!
7. You Have Parody/Fan Account(s): Finally, when accounts you know nothing about, start growing like weed in your name, you can boast that Instagram is your plantation. At this point you have to constantly remind your fans of your ‘real’ account(s) so they don’t keep following parody accounts ‘upandan’. Also, when you have to open another account as your fanpage or open a separate personal Instagram account, then you are no more on the ‘general public’ Instagram level. (You ‘aff’ climb the food chain with gold pendant).
There are definitely more signs anybody conversant with Instagram would have noticed but I like I said earlier, I can’t remember all the signs. But there’s nothing wrong in lending a helping hand. Did I forget any point, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

Thanks so much.