This is based on personal opinion only. In the course of my young & growing career, I have interacted with many graduates and employees. I have met extremely good, hardworking and smart persons who graduated with 2.2 or 3rd class. However, many are not even given the chance to showcase their ability as they are often not considered in many recruitment opportunities.
However I must say, I will never discriminate against anyone on the basis of graduating with a 2.2 if or when I own my company. Here are the reasons why 2.2 (and lower grade) grads can perform equally or even better than others with higher grade:

1. Many are actually very smart. Some are even smarter than some 2.1 grads out there. Not all that finished with a 2.2 or 3rd class did so because they weren’t academically sound enough. Financial pressures, playfulness, sickness, victimization, missing exam sheets, family issues, disillusion, influence of bad friends, etc can cause students not to reach their full academic potential. A friend of mine finished with a 2.2 largely due to financial stress while in school. Today, he is a successful network engineer in one of the telecom coys. Let me even take it closer. A relative of mine finished with a 3rd class in civil engineering due to victimization. Today, he is a COREN registered engineer with many years of engineering experience to his name. He now has a registered consulting firm. I can go on and on to reel out successful 2.2 and 3rd class graduates but I will stop here. It’s gravely erroneous to assume that all 2.2 or even 3rd class grads aren’t as smart as others.

2. Succeeding in the workplace requires more than academic ability – As a matter of fact, success in the workplace is determined more by one’s soft skills than by academic ability. Soft skills such as presentation skills, persuasion skills, decision making skills, ability to learn fast, attitude, persuasion skills, people skills, etc. are much more important than school grades. These are skills that are not learnt in the classroom.

3. They have more to prove
– Of course they do. They know that many look down on them because of their grades. They know that too much emphasis is placed on paper certificate. So they demonstrate more determination to show that they aren’t push-overs. This is a key driving force for successful career-minded 2.2 and 3rd class graduates I have met.

4. Most have acquired additional hard skills / training – I have met several 2.2 graduates that have amazing skill sets that I can only envy. Many 2.2 grads out there are augmenting their grade with other requisite skills, aptitude and certifications. While many (not all) 1st class and 2.1 grads may rely solely on their certificate to do the ‘magic’, many 2.2 and 3rd class graduates are working and learning new skills to enhance their employability and survive the highly competitive labour market. This is applicable to all graduates. However, 2.2 grads tend to be more aggressive in their zeal to survive the competitive environment. All the skills, training, certification and aptitude gained in the course of boosting employability play significant roles in helping them succeed in life, and in the workplace.

5. Most have learnt from their past errors – This applies to those who finished with 2.2 or 3rd class due to avoidable reasons. People who learn from their past mistakes usually develop strong motivations to correct their errors and succeed. Give a man who is motivated a task to complete and he will excel beyond expectation. Another relative of mine graduated with a 2.2 for purely avoidable reasons. After staying at home for almost a year and realizing his past mistakes, he searched deep and discovered his passion. He enrolled for a software training program with APTECH, and began to build his network. Today, he is one of the leading software engineers with one of the 2 major Nigerian online shopping firms in Nigeria.

6. They tend to show great zeal and commitment
– The smart ones hardly misuse opportunities. They know how tough it can sometimes get for them and many brace up for the challenge. Over time, experience counts more than grade. Thus, they show incredible commitment in the workplace in order to gain relevant experience and reduce the undue impact of their grade. While most 2.1 or first class graduates have their eyes open to ‘bigger’ opportunities, 2.2 grads tend to be more loyal in a firm so as to establish themselves, gain relevant experience and boost their work/career profile. Little wonder some firms that used to be die-hard fans of 2.1 graduates now consider 2.2 grads (with relevant NYSC experience or Masters degree).
A year after I joined my first place of work (a multinational FMCG coy), two 2.2 grads were considered and hired amongst several 2.1 and 1st class graduates. The two put in extra efforts and commitment at work. They have since become high fliers and have risen ahead of their colleagues with 2.1 and 1st class degree.

Who says 2.2 graduates can’t compete with others in a corporate organization?

DISCLAIMER: I am not encouraging students to finish with 2.2 or lower grades. As a matter of fact, I graduated with a CGPA extremely close to a first class and will always advise students to finish with at least a 2.1 or Upper Credit. I am only insisting that 2.2 graduates can equally do well in the workplace.

Mature Minds Talk.

Author: ‘Jarus’ Xfire

Culled from: jarushub.com


From The Desk Of Jaybee,
CEO Mature Minds Talk,   
Lagos, Nigeria.                  
To My Fellow Nigerian Out There Trekking.

Hello there,
How’s the task coming off? I’m sure you guys have heard it’s Season of the trekkers, as some has called it, which is a good title but not as cool to my hearing as what I’ll call “The trekking business”. (‘They’ll’ still come and say Jaybee is just a business fanatic).
Many years ago, the World Health Organization came up with one of their numerous research results that said the urge to trek is the first symptom of madness. Well, I’m not going to disprove W.H.O guys but I guess they just weren’t open minded enough to see the business opportunity that lied right in transporting yourself from one place to another with your natural vehicle in the name of a top politician in your country. We are Africans, we are developing, and hence, we see opportunities in everything… symptom of madness or not.
I don’t really get the drift of this trekking up and down the country like we’re reliving early civilization ages but 1 thing I know for sure is that we Africans like to imitate! Imitation is one of the core materials flowing in our blood. A couple of months ago, a diehard supporter of the president elect, who’ve keenly followed his course of coming shy of winning the result of presidential polls three times vowed that if this result came out in the president elect’s favour, he would embark on a foot journey, which as a man of his word after his prayer was answered, he did… and of course, got rewarded for it.
The first question I have for other trekkers is: Can’t you guys be original? If someone decides to trek and he got rewards for it, must you embark on the same quest and expect the same rewards? You can contact me for a lot more other cool ways to show loyalty or appreciation or whatever it is you guys think you’re showing to your political heroes and I promise you, these ideas are not life and health endangering, hasn’t been taken already, and yes, it bears less symptoms of madness (Less cos there’s a stint of madness in every creativity.)
Another question I ask myself and would like you guys to help me out is: If you guys were gainfully employed or rather as I preach to most youths, gainfully self-employed. Would you dare abandon your businesses to take on the useless task of loitering from one place to another? Pardon my selection of words here. I’ve not pressed cltr+P but seriously, I’m just wondering. Your task is just a pointer for the incoming government to one of the pressing needs of Nigerian youth – Employment (Jobs and Opportunities) abundance of it would go a long way in hindering crappy business/money making ideas from finding its way into the heads of graduates who are supposed to be either be running their businesses or working for money but in the absence of that have decided to walk for money.
Lastly, I would just want to advice those guys who are planning to trek from Nigeria to Mecca on the 30th of May to visit these three people before embarking on that adventure. A spiritual leader (for special prayers), A psychologist (to make sure they’re really ok) and a physician (to state clear the health risk involved.) Not sure all you trekkers know they’re better businesses that don’t pose threats to both your external and internal organs and if it’s loyalty or appreciation and it’s not about the money (I know it’s almost always about the money), then there other creative ideas you guys could reason out amidst yourselves or ask for.
As for me, rather than trekking, I’ll pray for the incoming government. Hope this one would be the one ordained to lead our great country with countless potentials out of the wilderness to the promise land we all have at one point or the other dreamt about.
Please if this little piece can be forwarded till it gets to any of the trekkers, then you just might have helped someone. But if you’re hell bent on trekking for whichever politician it is you use as an alibi to hide your symptoms, I say good luck to you.
Happy Trekking and have a wonderful life ahead.
Yours Truly,
Mature Minds Talk.


Happy first day of the second quarter of the year. May all our heart desires come to pass as we move steadily from our present level to a higher level.
God will give us reasons to look back at the beginning of the last quarter and thank him endlessly.

Remember not to give up on that goal you’ve set. Quitters don’t win and Winners don’t quit. If you conceive, perceive and believe, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
Have a lovely new month.
God bless us all.

Mature Minds Talk.