Welcome reader, you finally found your way to MATURE MINDS TALK discussion site. What took you so long. Huh?… How are you? Yeah you’re fine, as I can read and that’s why I’ll get straight to the point. You don’t want to argue that our day to day lives is the combination of a lot of things. From praying in the morning (RELIGION), our dental awareness (HEALTH), dressing up for work (STYLE & FASHION), our work (CAREER CHOICE), how we relate with others (HUMAN RELATION) our singleness or spouses (RELATIONSHIP), what we eat (DIET & NUTRITION), our interaction with our mobile phones and other gadgets around us (TECHNOLOGY), what we do after each day of work, SPORTS (guy’s weekends), TRAVEL, NATURE, HUMOUR, EDUCATION, NEWS,  CHEEK TALK (for ladies. Lolz!), you can keep naming it…

…And that’s where MMT comes in. Here, a lot of topics ranging from the above named categories would be coming in a sensible and acceptably bias drop form and all we care about is your OPINION. Irrespective of what you have to say and how you chose to say it… we’ll get it. 

MMT is determined to satisfy readers with Quality contents, Journal Series, Tips and Advice, Freebies (you can expect that a lot). Anticipation gists, Humour, Publicity and Advert for SMEs, Upcoming Artists and Authors, a chance to pry into stuffs that would normally pass you buy… that wasn’t a typo. keep reading.  
As a unique and diversified niche blog, I would advise you head over to “About” page to familiarize yourself with the painstakingly reduced site navigation panels, or you might just enjoy taking a tour!

What makes MMT different is that you can be the admin/author anytime you want to. How is that possible right? Become a regular Opinion donor and you’ll see for yourself. You won’t just submit write-ups and articles to be posted, you’ll post, monitor and admin them yourself. Seriously! So fasten your hand belt (except you’re operating your computer or phone with your legs 😉Its just all about getting the topics posted and simply allowing your opinions wash, stain, make or break them. We could be the Lawyers, the Culprits or the Witnesses. But you’re the JUDGE. 
So what are you waiting for?… i thought you would’ve started feeling fly already. Forgive my dry jokes in between.
                                                                          Thank You,
                                                                          Elijah Jaybee.
                                                                          Mature Minds Talk


  1. Abe.maG

    well…. well… i wrote some elaborate crap before but my google acct… malfunctioned…. i was jus going to say happy to be here.. and if you'll fill us in game news and the likes. for us that prefer living in the virtual reality world.

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